What I Can Offer You!

Professional Photography

Photography is one of the most important skills in selling a home today. Watch the video and a look at the photos of a few homes that were listed by my competitors prior to me listing and selling them. It’s hard to believe they are the same homes, but they are…

Aerial Marketing

When someone considers a home purchase they are looking at more than just the structure, they are considering what it will be like to live there, they are considering their future life style. Taking photos and videos from the sky can tell more of the story and enhance their vision.

Unique Listing Webpage

When someone hires me to sell their home I am committed to make it happen. One of the things I do is create a unique website that is dedicated to their home. This site is then included in all of our online and off line advertising. Here is an example: GigHarborRealEstate.com/100

Weekly Updates

We believe in communicating with our clients and we know how important it is to empower our clients with the knowledge that we are working for them.

Each week, a report is sent out to all of our home sellers with an update of all the marketing we did the prior week, feedback from buyers looked at their home and agents that previewed their home, and any other information that may be of value.

Market Reports

Since 2004 I have downloaded the MLS in Gig Harbor each week.  This gives me a pulse on what is happening in the market.  It also enables me to go to a point in time when YOU were focused on the real estate market and compare that time to todays’ market.