Multi-Family Homes

What are multi-family homes?

A multi-family home is a single building that accomadates multiple families, although it allows them to live separatly from one another. A multi-family home with two living units is a duplex. While a home with three units is a triplex, and four units is a fourplex. Each multi-family home is different but they all have their own kitchen, entryway, bedrooms and bathrooms. In some cases parking or laundry may be shared.

The owner of a multifamily home can rent out both units or live in one side and rent the other.

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Why buy a multi-family home?

FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS! This is an awesome opportunity for you! It is a great alternative to buying a single family home. Why? Because half your rent is paid for by your tenant!

While the thought of becoming a landlord can be intimidating, we will help you find an opportunity with low risk, a greater return on investment, along with a passive income stream. 

There are lots of tricks of the trade that I am happy to share to make your landlord experience a positive one.

Multi-family homes aren't just for first time home buyers. They are a great investment for anyone interested in owning real estate!


My multi-family experince!

I started my real estate career in 1988 in commercial real estate with a focus on apartment buildings. In 1991, I acquired my first rental and from that time to current I have been a landlord to multiple properties. Owning rentals has provided me a passive income that has been life changing for me and it is something that I would like to share with you!

When the market crashed in 2007, I still had a constant flow of income providing me with security and low risk.

If I were to invest all my money into stocks I would miss out on the opportunity of leverage, tax advantages, and most likely I would be missing out on a passive income as stream. Even if I invested in stocks oriented towards income, I would likely still miss out on the appreciation side.

For example, If I invested $100,000 in the stock market and the stock market went up 10% I would have made $10,000. However, if I put $100,000 into a down payment for a $400,000 duplex and the market improved by 5% my equity has gone up $20,000 instead of $10,000.

In addition to appreciation, there are tax benefits and passive income in owning multifamily properties.

When COVID comes to an end we will be hosting an investment real estate seminar. Please leave me your email if you would like to attend or be notified.


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