How I Can Help You Buy The Perfect Home...


Part of the value that I bring to the table is my perspective. Since 1994 I have walked thru well over 200,000 homes in Gig Harbor and this has given me a much broader perspective than most of my clients who are looking at Gig Harbor thru a narrow window.

I know the difference between a fantastic house and one that just works On a regular basis I find myself asking my clients not to buy a home they are considering because I know we can do better.

Are you looking for that perfect home?  Give me a call and we will find it together.

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What I Want To Offer You!

Notification of New Listings

In today’s world, people want instant information.  I can create a personalized real estate search (homes that meet your exact criteria) that will automatically email listings to you as soon as they hit the market.  You will be one of the first people to know about these homes.

Weekly Market Reports

Since 2004 I have downloaded the MLS in Gig Harbor each week. This gives me a pulse on what is happening in the market.  It also enables me to go to a point in time when YOU were focused on the real estate market and compare that time to todays’ market.

Relocation Package

As a real estate professional, it is my duty to know everything I can about moving, relocating or transferring to, from or within the Gig Harbor area.
I believe in making the real estate and relocation process as easy as possible for everyone involved. To me, that means providing information to anyone who wants to find out more about the communities of Gig Harbor, Washington.

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