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Zillow reviews for Gig Harbor Realtor
  • Mike has orchestrated the sale and purchase of my homes during the last 5 years. Not only is he the best realtor on the planet, but I am honored to call him a friend! Don’t look anywhere else for someone to list your house with or use for a purchase of a new home. Simply the best!

    Russell Markman
    Home Buyer Home Seller
  • Mike is great! He is always quick to respond and set up showings.. day, night, weekend, anytime that works for me. I have used him a couple times now and have no problem referring friends to him. He provides his honest feedback on homes.. Even tells me not to get some homes. On one purchase he fought to get my earnest money back when things didn’t work out with the house and the seller did not want to return it but he got it back for me.

    Zac & Bekki Wilson
  • Mike did a wonderful job for me helping find the right home. He is no BS and calls it how it is when pointing out the things that a prospective buyer might miss in the excitement of the moment. His willingness to work with me in spite several delays was much appreciated. He was extremely knowledgeable of the neighborhoods and ideal locations to look for my future home. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to move to Gig Harbor.

    Tim Groves
  • Mike is an excellent Real Estate Professional who has helped me and those I know on multiple occasions. He is a seasoned and experienced Realtor, committed to clients’ needs and great at advocating for them in a transaction. One of the top Realtors in the Gig Harbor area, Mike’s mastery of the local market makes him a significant resource for those he helps. He also personally owns and invests in real estate, and can speak with accuracy to the issues that are important to buyers and investors. I would highly recommend Mike to any family and friends looking to purchase or sell real estate or rent a home.

    Kyle Rohrbaugh
  • We were relocated to Gig Harbor from KY and had only a week long trip to find a house. We needed an agent that was extremely tech savy so that we could do much of the leg work online before we arrived. Mike’s resources allowed us to narrow our search and make the most of the time we had in GH. We relied on Mike to guide us to the areas of Gig Harbor that would suit our family. He really got to understand our family and what we were looking for. We found the perfect house only to find out that there were already multiple offers. Mike negotiated on our behalf and secured the house for us. I am confident that without Mike we would not have gotten the house. Plus Mike is just a really good, hard working guy. He made the whole process a breeze and we LOVE our new home. Thanks Mike.

    Scott & Becky Blankenship
  • Mike assisted my husband and me in buying a condo in June and After my husband died, he assisted me in selling my house. Mike was honest, reliable, pleasant to work with, easy to communicate and he was always timely. He answered my multitude of questions consistently and accurately, always making me feel like all my questions were important to him.

    Elaine Odom
    Condo Buyer Home Seller
  • We literally stumbled upon a property in the Gig Harbor area that had a for sale sign on it with Mike’s name. We called him and he was in Hawai’i at the time (on the tail end of a much-deserved vacation I’m sure), and he was flying back into town the next day — unfortunately, we were leaving town the next day. So we communicated via phone and email for the next few weeks and made the purchase of the home without ever stepping into it until the final walkthrough. Crazy, I know. But Mike was great. He was always available and extremely responsive, and someone who we fully trust. We have purchased several homes in California (not all at once!) but we’re new to home ownership in Washington, and he was very helpful. His love for the area (and his knowledge of the area) is clear, and I’m so happy that we found him. I can’t recommend him more highly.

    Michael & Claire Silver
  • Mike was an excellent negotiator, advocate, and friend. We relocated our family from UT to WA and knew no one in the area or anything about the Gig Harbor market. We felt that Mike had our best interests every step of the way and ensured we were both protected and educated. When it came to referring contractors for some remodeling projects he was instantly available to help us with the right people. Just over a year later we needed to sell in a slowing market and still walked away with a profit due to Mike’s network,marketing skills, and negotiating precision. We’ve continued to refer Mike even since leaving the Gig Harbor market.

    Steven Bond
  • That level of trust needed as I entered the foreign-to-me business world was met quickly with Mike Esteb. My niece had done the preliminary research a couple years earlier in locating him. He met with me immediately and with absolutely no pressure and spent several hours with me familiarizing me with the process for selling my home. He suggested and lined up a contractor to remedy a possible dangerous decking situation at very minimal expense. I found him to be unusually conscious and sensitive, as a single woman, and I was not disappointed as we proceeded with the process. He steadily and patiently led me through my ignorance of the computer world as a non-local resident advertizing during the winter. It is easy to respond to Mike as a true friend, a gem through this elaborate process.

    Gail Barton
  • Mike helped our family purchase a home in what proved to be a difficult transaction. He was fabulous every step of the way. Whether it was providing advice, having a wide network of professional contacts or being extra diligent in searching homes, he could not have been better. The transaction was difficult in that major structural damage was uncovered during the inspection after the first accepted offer. When the offer was terminated, he was great in seeking other homes. We eventually purchased the same home once the repairs were completed. At no time during the process, did we ever feel pressured. Mike was great in letting us know if he’d be out of pocket. I really cannot say enough good things.

    Renee Linnabary
  • Moving from out of state this was our 9th home purchase. Mike is clearly the most knowledgeable agent we have ever worked with providing advice and strategies on a very complicated closing issue. He was very intent on listening to our needs and desires and always backed up his advice with relevant local data. Unfortunately we are now moving again and Mike is representing us marketing and selling our home.


    Adrian & Karen Blocker
  • We had a great experience with Mike and he found us just the house we were looking for. I would support him in any negotiation and he treats his clients respectfully. His opinions have the client in mind at all times. We would recommend him to any one looking to buy a house.

    Bob & Nan Gentles
    Home Buyer Home Seller
  • Mike has been in Gig Harbor for many years. He knows the area, and has great foresight into what is good value and what the market will be in years to come. Mike will protect your interests, and negotiate on your behalf aggressively, which is what you want when buying or selling. He won’t try to sell you anything that he believes you will be unhappy with down the road, and will give you an accurate prospectus as to the value of your current property.

    Bill & Suzanne Brown
    Home Buyer & Home Seller
  • We used Mike as our agent while looking at purchasing a vacation/getaway home. He was knowledgeable and a great negotiator. Even though we had to walk away from the home due to inspection issues, we will definitely use him again and would absolutely refer him to our family and friends. We never felt that he cared only about a sale, we felt that he also cared that we were comfortable with our decision.

    Dave & Terri Schinkel
  • Mike is a great agent who knows the Gig Harbor market. He helped me buy my first home in GH. When my job transfer fell out – he found a tenant and has kept it rented ever since. Since then, he helped me buy a second rental home in GH and keeps it rented too. He’s an expert at finding the properties, negotiating the deals and managing them after purchase. I recommend him highly.

    Ray Arthun
    Investor, Home Buyer
  • Mike was exceptional in helping us with our relocation from California to Gig Harbor. From his informative and educational websites to his professional and personable way of doing business, we found that Mike was a true expert in Gig Harbor real estate and an extraordinary resource for us through every step of our transition. We highly recommend Mike and can’t thank him enough for going above and beyond in everything he does!

    Jessica Hill
    Home Buyer
  • I lived out of town and found Mike through his informative and friendly real estate website to get a documented value on a house owned by a deceased relative. Even though it was not a paying project, he met me at the house, made helpful suggestions, and later gave me a professional letter for the estate settlement. Three years passed and we were ready to sell and I remembered Mike very favorably and suggested him to my aunt. They worked quite well together selling a jointly-owned/inherited house in Gig Harbor in early 2014. He is patient. He listens. He’s not pushy. He knows his business and the area very well. He brings a gentle alertness, combined with personal enthusiasm and warmth, which make you trust his experience. He stays in communication and provides weekly reports. I am very satisfied with the experience and sale. And, if you look further down these reviews, you will see my aunt is, too. He earned this glowing review.

    Gail Temple
    Home Seller

 Mike Esteb has been selling homes in Gig Harbor since 1994!

Mike's Business Philosophy

UNDERSTANDING is probably most important. I want to know the goals and dreams of my clients. If I can get a clear vision of what we are trying to accomplish then we are half way there. As we navigate our way thru the adventure of buying and selling real estate, my clients always know that I have their back.

No nonsense advice; I call it like it is. I don’t candy coat things or tell you what you want to hear. It is important for you to know the truth so you can make the right decisions.

It’s about helping people and guiding them in the right direction.

How I can help you buy the perfect home...

Part of the value that I bring to the table is my perspective. Since 1994 I have walked thru well over 200,000 homes in Gig Harbor and this has given me a much broader perspective than most of my clients who are looking at Gig Harbor thru a narrow window.

I know the difference between a fantastic house and one that just works. On a regular basis I find myself asking my clients not to buy a home they are considering because I know we can do better.

Are you looking for that perfect home?  Give me a call and we will find it together.

Passionate about Gig Harbor

The first day that I visited Gig Harbor I knew that I wanted to live here and my passion for the area is even stronger today.

This is such an amazing place to live and offers so many different and amazing lifestyles.  It was like hitting the lottery when I moved here because I feel like I have been on vacation every day since.

I try make a difference in people’s lives by helping them experience the life style that Gig Harbor has to offer.

Mike Esteb – Realtor

Gig Harbor was my missing puzzle piece.  Prior to moving here in 1994, I was always searching for something – I found it in Gig Harbor!

I had this crazy life as a commercial real estate agent in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was fun but I thought there had to be something more.  I moved here looking for a better life and ended up with an amazing lifestyle that makes me feel like I am on vacation every day.

Snow skiing, water skiing, kayaking, boating, fishing, hiking, clamming, the list of outdoor adventures goes on and on. You could literally play here every day of the week. And YES, it does rain here quite a bit but when the sun comes out it is absolutely gorgeous.

Gig Harbor is surrounded by water, it feels like an island but it is actually a peninsula.  The downtown area has retained its charming feeling of the little fishing village that it used to be.  The rest of Gig Harbors’ areas offer condominiums, view and waterfront homes, homes on acreage, homes in subdivisions, and custom homes.

My wife Susan and I started a family here.  We raised two beautiful little girls in a safe and healthy environment.  I could not have asked for anything more for my family.

Please reach out to me and I will help you get a piece of this amazing lifestyle.

Real Estate Services

Photography is one of the most important skills in selling a home today. Watch the video and a look at the photos of a few homes that were listed by my competitors prior to me listing and selling them. It’s hard to believe they are the same homes, but they are…


Weekly Updates for Sellers

We believe in communicating with our clients and we know how important it is to empower our clients with the knowledge that we are working for them.

Each week, Terri sends out a report to all of our home sellers with an update of all the marketing we did the prior week, feedback from buyers looked at their home and agents that previewed their home, and any other information that may be of value.

See examples of the reports below.

Aerial Marketing

When someone considers a home purchase they are looking at more than just the structure, they are considering what it will be like to live there, they are considering their future life style. Taking photos and videos from the sky can tell more of the story and enhance their vision.

See Aerial Video…


Notification of New Listings

In today’s world, people want instant information.  I can create a personalized real estate search (homes that meet your exact criteria) that will automatically email listings to you as soon as they hit the market.  You will be one of the first people to know about these homes.

New Gig Harbor Listings



A unique website for each listing

When someone hires me to sell their home I am committed to make it happen. One of the things I do is create a unique website that is dedicated to their home. This site is then included in all of our online and off line advertising. Here is an example:

Market Reports each week

Since 2004 I have downloaded the MLS in Gig Harbor each week.  This gives me a pulse on what is happening in the market.  It also enables me to go to a point in time when YOU were focused on the real estate market and compare that time to todays’ market.  I also hire Altos Research to provide weekly market reports as well.  Between Altos Research and my reports, you will easily stay on top of the market.

See Reports…

Contact Mike Esteb

If you have questions about real estate in Gig Harbor, please reach out to me.  I will do all that I can to help you.

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