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Mike's Business Philosophy

UNDERSTANDING is probably most important. I want to know the goals and dreams of my clients. If I can get a clear vision of what we are trying to accomplish then we are half way there. As we navigate our way thru the adventure of buying and selling real estate, my clients always know that I have their back.

No nonsense advice; I call it like it is. I don’t candy coat things or tell you what you want to hear. It is important for you to know the truth so you can make the right decisions.

It’s about helping people and guiding them in the right direction. This mindset is what my Logo (the Gig Harbor Compass) represents!

Passionate about Gig Harbor

The first day that I visited Gig Harbor I knew that I wanted to live here and my passion for the area is even stronger today.

This is such an amazing place to live and offers so many different and amazing lifestyles.  It was like hitting the lottery when I moved here because I feel like I have been on vacation every day since.

I try make a difference in people’s lives by helping them experience the life style that Gig Harbor has to offer.