Custom Construction in Gig Harbor

Why Build A Custom Home?

  • You get exactly what you want & you don't pay for unneeded space

  • Avoid the bidding wars completely

  • Instant Equity

  • Quality construction that can't be found in the spec home marketplace

  • You get to choose the property you love and then build your dream home on it!

Our Background

We had a 50-acre development listed in Port Orchard. Each lot consisted of 5 plus acres. The development sold out in 2021, and our builder is currently building homes on those lots. When listed, Buyer's had the opportunity to purchase the land and choose their own builder or have Hardin Construction and Design build for them and 9 of 10 Buyers chose Hardin Construction and Design. Our goal was to preserve as much open space as possible and put together an AMAZING neighborhood for our clients. Since selling out at The Preserve we have had multiple Buyer's reach out to us about having Hardin Construction and Design build them a new home.

With the strong interest we have seen in custom construction we have changed our typical work week. Now each week we identify properties in great locations in Gig Harbor, drive by them to make sure they are good properties, and then reach out to the owners to see if there is any interest in selling.

the preserve at southworth neighborhoodsign

Our Goal

Our goal is to actively find, buy, and build on great pieces of land. We are looking for quality properties on or off the market to build custom homes that fulfill our clients wants and needs. Building cheap homes or creating a cookie-cutter neighborhood is not something we are looking to do. Our goal is to build something that land-sellers and homeowners would be extremely proud of.

Providing Buyer's with a home that gives them instant equity, brand new construction, and taking the bidding wars out of the equation is our main focus.

We want this to be a win-win situation for all parties involved!

What does the process look like?

  • 01

    Find the Land

    Each week we are in communication with landowners and developing relationships with those interested in selling. We also target areas and land types based on what our clients are looking for. These land types consist of waterfront, view, farmlands, and acreage.

  • 02

    Builder Onsite

    Initially, we will walk the lot with you and tell you what we think needs to take place to get to the point of building. If you like the lot and want to move forward, we will help you get the lot under contract. Once we have a contract our builder will visit the property with you and share his thoughts. Hopefully, and most likely he will confirm what we have already told you. 

  • 03

    Builder & Buyer Contract

    At this point we will start working through your feasibility. You will enter into a contract with Hardin Construction and Design to build a home to your specifications on the lot. 

  • 04

    Home Plan

    Hardin Construction and Design owns some great home plans, which will be available for you to consider. Please remember this is a custom build specifically for you, so we can build whatever you want. 

    Choosing the right home and home placement is crucial. We are well equipped to help you through this. 

  • 05

    Close Escrow

    If the feasibility study is successful, we will close escrow and start the building process.

  • 06

    Construction Financing

    We have lenders in place to provide construction and permanent financing.

  • 07

    Start the build of your new home!

    Todd Hardin likes to get a deep understanding of what you want in your home and this will be apparent in your first meeting with him. He will work directly with you throughout the entire process, and we will always be available to help when needed.

Our Value Proposition

Market Sale Versus Custom Home Build

*Based off of an estimated construction cost of $750,000

  • Sale Price


  • Lot Price


  • 6% R.E. Commission


  • Builder Fee (20%)


  • Excise Tax


  • Title


  • Escrow


  • Recording & Misc.


  • Total Fees


  • Sale Price


  • Lot Price


  • 6% R.E. Commission

    $45,000 ← based off construction costs

  • Builder Fee

    $112,500 ← reduced to 15%

  • Excise Tax


  • Title


  • Escrow


  • Recording & Misc.


  • Total Fees

    $157,000 Fees = $93,480 SAVINGS TO YOU!

In a normal transaction we would buy a lot, develop the lot, spend $750,00 or more on construction costs, and add a reasonable profit for the builder of 20% or more. With other expenses in mind this gets us to a price of around $1,250,000.

In today's market if we waited until completion, this home priced at $1,250,000 could escalate and Buyers could end up paying significantly over the asking price.

The value we bring is we get you exactly what you want, where you want it. It saves you money, keeps you out of a bidding war/escalation situation, and you will probably have instant equity in your home!

Attention Land Owners!

Selling land is difficult because most Buyers don't know how to connect the dots from finding a piece of property through getting a building permit. Feasibility studies fail because Buyer's don't know the next step in the process or how to overcome hurdles they run into on the way. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience doing exactly this.

If you are thinking of selling a piece of land, we might be a good fit. Please give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have.

Please visit to see the 50-acre development we had listed and sold out.

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