Market Knowledge


If you are new to the area, looking for a home in Gig Harbor can be a bit overwhelming. Gig Harbor has a diverse selection of homes and lifestyles to consider and the neighborhoods and areas all have different personalities. There is so much more to consider than just the amenities you are looking for in a home.

One of the great services that I have to offer is “Perspective”; consider that I have looked at approximately 100 homes a month for more than 20 years. 100 homes x 12 months x 20+ years = a whole lot of homes.  This has given me a very broad perspective that enables me to help my clients understand the type of home that could become available even if it is not currently on the market.  I have learned which homes appreciate more than others and which ones to stay way from.

When you start working with me you will find that I am interested in a deeper understanding of what you are looking for.  In our initial phone call, I will be asking your age and the age of those in your family. What are your interests? Their interests? Why are you moving to Washington and why are you considering Gig Harbor?  Eventually we will get to the house, but what I am really trying to find out is what kind of lifestyle you hope to have here, because what Gig Harbor has to offer is amazing.  I don’t want to sell you a home that fits your needs, I want to sell you a home that makes you truly happy.

But the way, when we start looking at homes we will discuss my Weekly Market Reports. This will give you the pulse of the price range we are looking at, the amount of inventory, and the average time on the market; in other words, is it a Buyer’s or Seller’s market.

One thing is certain, when you start woking with me YOU will be empowered with market knowledge.


When it is time to sell your home YOU want to know what is happening in the market.  YOU want to know what the competition is and if things are in favor of the Buyer or the Seller.

YOU want to work with an agent that knows the market and can give you the information you need to make the right decisions.  In the Buyers section above I addressed “My Perspective” that has been developing for well over 20 years.  In addition to that, I will be providing you with Market Condition and Absorption Rate reports that will let you know exactly where you are in the market.

I will also provide you with a weekly “market Trends” report from Altos Research. This report is published on my website, but I also have a much more detailed 6 page report that I only provide to my clients.

Please watch the video that describes how to use my weekly reports.  When you list your home with me, YOU will be Empowered with the type of Market Knowledge YOU need to make the right decisions.


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