The Real Estate market shifted violently from 2007 to 2011.

Would you have made different decisions if you knew this was going to happen?  I did!

In 2006 I started telling my clients and colleagues that the market was going to shift. Watch the video to see how I knew…

Is the market going up or down? Is this a good house to buy? Should I accept their offer? Do you want a Realtor that can answer these questions?  Please give me a call to discuss your next real estate transaction and how to make it a great experience.


How’s The Market?

In depth reports for the Gig Harbor Real Estate market.
“How’s the market in Gig Harbor?” is probably the most popular question that I get as a Realtor, so it just makes sense for me to make this information available and YOU can count on it being up to date every week!
My Gig Harbor Executive Summary report can be customized by specific Gig Harbor zip codes and sent directly to your inbox every Tuesday. The Gig Harbor zip codes include 98329, 98332, 98333 and 98335. If you want a more in-depth Market Report or additional zip codes, please make a note in the comments section.
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