Moving from out of state this was our 9th home purchase. Mike is clearly the most knowledgeable agent we have ever worked with providing advice and strategies on a very complicated closing issue. He was very intent on listening to our needs and desires and always backed up his advice with relevant local data. Unfortunately we are now moving again and Mike is representing us marketing and selling our home.


Adrian & Karen Blocker

Mike is an excellent Real Estate Professional who has helped me and those I know on multiple occasions. He is a seasoned and experienced Realtor, committed to clients’ needs and great at advocating for them in a transaction. One of the top Realtors in the Gig Harbor area, Mike’s mastery of the local market makes him a significant resource for those he helps. He also personally owns and invests in real estate, and can speak with accuracy to the issues that are important to buyers and investors. I would highly recommend Mike to any family and friends looking to purchase or sell real estate or rent a home.

Kyle Rohrbaugh

Mike helped our family purchase a home in what proved to be a difficult transaction. He was fabulous every step of the way. Whether it was providing advice, having a wide network of professional contacts or being extra diligent in searching homes, he could not have been better. The transaction was difficult in that major structural damage was uncovered during the inspection after the first accepted offer. When the offer was terminated, he was great in seeking other homes. We eventually purchased the same home once the repairs were completed. At no time during the process, did we ever feel pressured. Mike was great in letting us know if he’d be out of pocket. I really cannot say enough good things.

Renee Linnabary

We used Mike as our agent while looking at purchasing a vacation/getaway home. He was knowledgeable and a great negotiator. Even though we had to walk away from the home due to inspection issues, we will definitely use him again and would absolutely refer him to our family and friends. We never felt that he cared only about a sale, we felt that he also cared that we were comfortable with our decision.

Dave & Terri Schinkel

Mike was an excellent negotiator, advocate, and friend. We relocated our family from UT to WA and knew no one in the area or anything about the Gig Harbor market. We felt that Mike had our best interests every step of the way and ensured we were both protected and educated. When it came to referring contractors for some remodeling projects he was instantly available to help us with the right people. Just over a year later we needed to sell in a slowing market and still walked away with a profit due to Mike’s network,marketing skills, and negotiating precision. We’ve continued to refer Mike even since leaving the Gig Harbor market.

Steven Bond

We literally stumbled upon a property in the Gig Harbor area that had a for sale sign on it with Mike’s name. We called him and he was in Hawai’i at the time (on the tail end of a much-deserved vacation I’m sure), and he was flying back into town the next day — unfortunately, we were leaving town the next day. So we communicated via phone and email for the next few weeks and made the purchase of the home without ever stepping into it until the final walkthrough. Crazy, I know. But Mike was great. He was always available and extremely responsive, and someone who we fully trust. We have purchased several homes in California (not all at once!) but we’re new to home ownership in Washington, and he was very helpful. His love for the area (and his knowledge of the area) is clear, and I’m so happy that we found him. I can’t recommend him more highly.

Michael & Claire Silver

Mike is a great agent who knows the Gig Harbor market. He helped me buy my first home in GH. When my job transfer fell out – he found a tenant and has kept it rented ever since. Since then, he helped me buy a second rental home in GH and keeps it rented too. He’s an expert at finding the properties, negotiating the deals and managing them after purchase. I recommend him highly.

Ray Arthun
Investor, Home Buyer

Mike did a wonderful job for me helping find the right home. He is no BS and calls it how it is when pointing out the things that a prospective buyer might miss in the excitement of the moment. His willingness to work with me in spite several delays was much appreciated. He was extremely knowledgeable of the neighborhoods and ideal locations to look for my future home. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to move to Gig Harbor.

Tim Groves

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