Boat launches in Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor has a very nice launch ramp near the end of Gig Harbor Bay. Drive around the Harbor and turn right on Vernhardsen then turn right on Randall Drive and go to the end. This launch is suitable for any boat that sits on a trailer.  It also has a dock to make it easier launching larger boats.

The other Gig Harbor boat launches are on the rough side and suitable for smaller boats (under 24 feet).

  • There is a launch on Fox Island at the Fox Island bridge.
  • There is a launch in Horsehead Bay.
  • There is a launch in Purdy on Henderson Bay less than a mile from the Purdy Bridge and across the street from the Goldman intersection.
  • There is a launch in the back of Wollochet Bay. Take Wollochet Drive to 37th and drive down to the water.
  • There is a launch in Vaughn Bay that is a great place to access the water in Case Inlet.
  • There is also a launch ramp close to my house that is sort of a secret and I share the details of this ramp with my friends and clients.  Hopefully, someday you will be both.

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