Have you ever heard a doctor talk about “the patient”?  They go on about the procedure or describe the illness in a very clinical way and it can be quite insensitive.  I have have seen myself in that situation over the years but really try not to be that guy.

I have purchased several properties as investments and find that they are not very emotional purchases.

I have also purchased 3 homes and a lot that I built a home on and all of those were filled with emotion.

  • The excitement of submitting an offer and being anxious for the response.
  • Being in a highly competitive situation and wanting to be the successful buyer in the worst way.
  • Dealing with a home inspection that went wrong and a home seller that was unwilling to resolve any of the issues.
  • Buying a “short sale” with an unscrupulous seller and dealing with the short sale lender that couldn’t care less about me and my family while treading water thru the entire transaction, afraid to get hopeful or excited because we did not know not if it would come together.  This was the biggest emotional roller coaster of them all.
  • Selling a home where the success of the sale made the difference in whether or not we could move forward with our plans and our dreams!

Over the years, have dealt with all of these issues again and again, but until I experienced them personally, I did not fully understand the spectrum of feelings that one can experience in a real estate transaction.

These experiences have really helped me as a Realtor to be more empathetic to the needs, concerns, and emotions of my clients.

I want YOU to know that I really do care and making a difference in people’s lives is what gives me the greatest satisfaction in my business.

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